Spring Time, Clean Time

Tips from a professional green-home expert to refresh your home after a long winter.
Mar 20, 2014 7:00 AM ET
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Tips for refreshing your home for spring, from Live Green at Recyclebank.

Posted on Recyclebank's Live Green Blog

Many places around the U.S. are still thawing out from what seemed like an exceptionally cold February, but spring cleaning can’t begin too soon. Being cooped up indoors all winter makes a house feel overly lived-in and in need of refreshing. So while you’re putting away winter clothes and heavy comforters, take the opportunity to deep-clean your home and get periodic maintenance done. It’s not just dirt that needs to be eliminated; it’s pollutants and inefficiency too!

For spring cleaning advice, we talked to Trina Masepohl, president of MIXX Modern Interiors and author of The Green Nursery: How to Design a Healthy, Safe Space for Your New Baby. A mechanical engineer turned interior designer, Masepohl’s work now involves merging her technical background with interior design to help create healthier homes that are easy on families and the environment. Read her suggestions to greenly and safely clean out your home.