Speaking Out on Policies That Count

Nov 5, 2018 3:30 PM ET

As the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization, the NAACP has worked successfully with allies of all races who believe in and stand for the principles on which the organization was founded. We are represented in 2,200 branches and units all across this country in 50 states, in every large city, hundreds and hundreds of small towns, and in 60 global military installations, and always welcome new members and supporters.  With over 2.2 million digital activists, we have more young people in the NAACP than any other young person’s civil rights organization in the country combined.

Since 1909, it can be noted that NAACP members marched before marching for civil rights was an acceptable norm; successfully sued for fairness when no one thought to ask courts for equality; appeared before state and federal legislatures with compelling objections to racial abuses; helped internationalize the struggle for civil rights by lobbying the United Nations; and persistently insisted on equality in every aspect of American life in order to make the American charter a true contract of freedom.

From economic and political empowerment, to environmental and climate justice, to education, healthcare and public safety, here's how NAACP is speaking out on policies that count.

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