Sound Water Management: Cascades Redefines the Boundaries

Mar 24, 2014 5:35 PM ET

March 24, 2014 /3BL Media/ - As we celebrate the 22nd edition of World Water Day, Cascades is proud to reiterate its objective to reduce water consumption: the Company is committed to reducing its discharge of effluent to 10.6 m3 per tonne of saleable product by 2015. This target has been set out in its 2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan.

Continuous improvement, one drop at a time
Cascades’ concern for protecting resources is nothing new. In addition to looking after the future of our forests by promoting the use of recycled fibres over virgin fibres, the Company has been investing in finding methods to reduce its water consumption for a long time. In 2010, Cascades made a commitment to the continuous improvement of its wastewater management by setting corporate targets and making them public.

When it comes to reducing wastewater, the Company is already a leader: in 2013, its effluent discharge was 12.5 m3/tonne, compared with the Canadian pulp and paper industry average, which is 61 m3/tonne, five times higher (Forest Products Association of Canada, 2011). In 2013, Cascades saved the equivalent of 37 156 Olympic-sized pools of water compared with the same tonnage manufactured with the Canadian industry average of water flow. Having set a new target of 10.6 m3/tonne for 2015, the Company remains true to a guiding principle that has driven it since the beginning: we can do better with less.

Promising projects
Water has always been a vital resource in the paper industry, for the treatment and processing of fibres as well as a multitude of related activities, such as washing, cooling and the production of steam for energy.

Léon Marineau, Vice-President of Environment at Cascades, collaborates with all the plants, implementing projects with a view to reducing water consumption and helping the Company reach its target by the end of 2015. In the coming months, a number of plants plan to implement new projects, including a water tower, a filtration system for clarified water and a flotator machine. “In all, these projects will result in estimated water savings of more than 1 million cubic metres per year. This is a significant step forward for us, and adds to our already positive results,” said Marineau.

In addition to its internal measures, Cascades is participating in the development of an international method (WULCA - Water Use in Life Cycle Analysis), which aims to incorporate water into the life cycle analysis, yet another sign of its commitment to protecting this resource.

“Cascades has long known that there are numerous advantages to limiting the use of natural resources. In addition to having a real impact on the environment, we also reap the benefits on a social level, since our employees are proud to work for a Company that cares. Also, in terms of money, reducing our resources intake translates into financial savings,” added Mario Plourde, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cascades.

Throughout the implementation of its Sustainable Development Plan, Cascades will be targeting projects such as these to maintain the sustainable management of this invaluable resource, also known as “blue gold.” It hopes, too, that other companies will follow suit. For more details about Cascades’ initiatives in sustainable development, visit

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Founded in 1964, Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fibres. The Company employs more than 12 000 men and women, who work in over a hundred production units in North America and Europe. With its management philosophy, half a century of experience in recycling, and continuous efforts in research and development as driving forces, Cascades continues to deliver the innovative products that customers have come to rely on. Cascades’ shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CAS.

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