Solutions for a Changing Planet

Solutions for a Changing Planet


This week on Sea Change Radio, the inventor of BioLighter, petroleum-free lighter fluid, Joe Marlin and Dan Ferber, co-author of "Changing Planet, Changing Health."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 8:00pm

This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise talks with Joe Marlin, a biodiesel gas station manager in San Francisco who thought their really ought to be a better way to fire up your summer grill. Marlin talks about his invention, Biolighter, and the great, unexplored potential for replacing petroleum-derived products with biologically-derived cleaner, greener alternatives. 

Later, we hear from Dan Ferber, co-author ofChanging Planet, Changing Health. The book focuses on the multiple detrimental impacts of climate change, but our conversation centers on what can be done on an individual, local and global scale to curtail the progress of disaster.


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