Social activist turns life and world conflicts into cause worthy cosmetics

Dec 6, 2009 1:00 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) New York, NY - December 6, 2009 - Jody R. Weiss founded Peacekeeper Cause-Metics out of a bit too much righteous anger.  

Jody is a practitioner of yoga, and has dedicated her life to promoting peace in the world and in her personal life.  A product of activist parents, Jody found herself searching for something more - not the peace her parents fought by pitting the good side against the bad; in her gut she felt that as long as there are sides, there can be no peace.  Jody took some of her righteous anger from a first marriage, an aggressive and controlling “spiritual” community, a politically divided nation, and a violent world and decided that she wanted to make Madison Avenue dollars to teach about real collaborative giving. She wanted to foster discussions and raise awareness about real urgent human rights issues affecting women in all parts of the world.   Jody first wanted to name her company "Revolution Cosmetics" because she thought the world needed a revolution in thinking about what real love was… but another company owned the trademark. Then one night she dreamt about Peacekeeper. She dreamed that it wasn’t just a cosmetics line: it was a movement. How does a real true woman of peace, a Peacekeeper, live? What does she wear? What does she do with her time? She saw in this dream that women around the world wanted the same thing… and the words, which appear on the sides of the lipstick carton, appeared: Freedom, Joy, Wisdom, Voice and Esteem, in every major language of the world. She saw in this dream borders and flags of nations melting away and women feeding each other’s children instead of fighting for food.   Through this company Jody envisioned women and men learning deep respect for each other instead of continuing to build a hierarchical power over one another. She envisioned no more patriarchy and no more matriarchy, but humanity finally emerging as truly equal in a new age that she calls “Collaborative Interconnection.”   And most importantly, Jody realized that women in the land-of-plenty had a unique gift by chance-of-birth and that is to use their buying power to fund women and children who currently live on nothing. This and this alone creates a platform for the voices of women globally to collectively transform old paradigms into transformative 21st Century thinking.   That is why she named her company Wisdom Says…   Wisdom Says...  it is better to be connected than to be right.   Wisdom Says...  humor that demeans is not humor, it is emotional abuse.   Wisdom Says...  I am deeply connected to you though we have never met.   Wisdom Says...  to love without an agenda – just love.   Wisdom Says’ Cosmetics line PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics now sells in over 500 stores and has given close to $40,000 to women’s urgent human rights issues globally. To learn more about Jody and her work visit