Social Accountability International's Newsletter - September 2011

The latest news and events on CSR and supply chain management from Social Accountability International
Oct 3, 2011 6:00 PM ET

SAI Newsletter - September 2011

SA8000® Approved by Dutch Sustainable Public Procurement
SA8000® will be integrated into the social criteria for public procurement

Project Cultivar: Final Report on Impact Released
In the challenging agricultural sector, Project Cultivar establishes a system for continuous improvement on the farm

"Gender Equality is Smart Economics"- SAI & UN Women to Develop UN Gender Equality Seal
This new partnership will establish a strategy and implementation plan for the UN Gender Equality Seal (GES) as an auditable standard

SAI India Update: 'Training of Trainers' in Gurgaon
After a rigorous selection process for local trainers, the 'Training of trainers' classroom sessions begins in Gurgaon

SAI President Speaks on Human Rights in the Supply Chain
Hosted by Forética in Madrid, Alice Tepper Marlin Leads Presentation and Master Class on Human Rights in the Supply Chain  

Social Compliance: Moving from the Stick to the Carrot
At the ISSP Conference 2011 Craig Moss led a presentation titled: Social Fingerprint® - Practical tools to improve social performance

DNV India Hosts SA8000® Foundation Course 
On September 15, 2011 DNV India conducted a 1-day Foundation Course on SA8000® in Bangalore

Highlights and Annoucements
Snapshot from Basic SA8000® Course in New Delhi- Tchibo Receives Gold Award - Sustainable Retail Business 2011 - ISEAL Alliance 2010 Report - "Eileen Fisher: Socially Responsible Designer" - Brands Ethics Work Group in India - Tirupur Stakeholders' Forum   

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