Smart Recruiting Strategy Focuses On Relationships

Oct 31, 2014 9:05 AM ET
Passive Recruiting Important for Finding Top Talent

Smart Recruiting Strategy Focuses On Relationships

I was going through some articles a friend shared with me about various recruiting strategies and came upon an August article in Forbes that introduced me to good ways to start conversations with potential hires. Developing relationships and starting conversations with individuals who are in various phases of the job search could be good for business today – and for future hires, as well.

Here are some key takeaways from Meghan Biro’s story that could be an eye opener for recruiters who might be stuck in a recruiting rut.

Passive recruiting is very different from traditional recruiting and usually involves targeting people who don’t have a strong desire to be recruited. Making passive recruiting work for your organization is possible, but to do so you need to understand why it works and how it is done most effectively. Using social media channels and forums to start conversations can be an effective method. Passive recruiting can be as simple as getting to know someone new on Twitter or discovering someone’s blog content and commenting. Relationships, conversation (and eventually metrics) are always the goal of this style of recruiting.

Why Passive Recruiting Matters

Surveys have shown that over 93% of the top performers in their field do not find their job from a job posting; instead, they are referred by someone they know, such as a friend or networking contact. HR Consultant Jennifer Millman says that passive talent is more likely to want to make an impact in their workplace and less likely to need skill development, meaning they have both the desire and ability to get up and running quickly.

Knowing the benefits of passive talent is great, but to realize these benefits, companies still must overcome the challenge of making passive recruiting part of your regular strategy. How is this done?

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