Get Out of Your Own Way to Launch Your Career

Nov 19, 2014 8:30 AM ET
Why you should get out of your own way to find happiness in your career

Get Out Of Your Own Way to Launch Your Career

Even with ample resources, you may still be struggling to find a career that suits you. You’ve tried everything - networking, the latest technology, career fairs, job boards, etc. Despite interviews, conversations, connections, and lots of promise, you’re still not finding a role that fits what you’re seeking.

No one really wants to think about this, but have you considered whether you’re getting in your own way? There are of course many factors that could play into this - perhaps your industry lacks open roles or you live in a location notorious for minimal opportunities, for example. But for many, it’s quite likely that you may be the root cause. I’m not attacking you because I don’t know you, but I know myself and have watched many friends fall into the same situation. You don’t just want any job, you want the best job, with the best perks, in the best location, because you deserve to be happy. I’m not saying that you should sell yourself short of great roles, talented/fun coworkers, and you should always carefully evaluate compensation and benefits, but I AM saying that your happiness is not something you derive from your job - your happiness is something that comes from you. Your happiness depends on your attitude, your values, your desires, and if you’re empowered daily to pursue them, inside or outside of work.

What if instead of focusing on finding the job that makes you happy, you look for a role where you’re indispensable to a project or team, which in turn, brings a sense of accomplishment, value, etc. That might make you happy! What if you value feelings of empowerment, which makes you think you need to work in an environment that eliminates “bureaucracy” or “silos” so you can take action in whatever context you’d like with minimal micromanagement from above? What if instead you frame this thinking to perform up to your abilities within the confines of your role, empowering yourself to do your very best given the challenges that exist? Proven success under those circumstances is empowering if you retrain your brain to consider it as such - “look what you can accomplish given xyz variables!”

And maybe you’re getting in your own way in terms of simply being too picky. The job market isn’t booming, so can you really afford to check off every item on your wish list? Glenn Beck likens this experience to looking for an ideal mate - an interesting parallel - read on at our blog to see what he ultimately advises.