Skype for Peace: Help Peace One Day and Skype Support Peace Efforts Around the World

Nov 19, 2012 1:30 PM ET
Campaign: Skype for Peace

November 19, 2012 /3BL Media/ - Children hold the keys to a non-violent tomorrow which is why it is important to teach children the values of tolerance and understanding, both for each other and for cultures they might not yet have been introduced to. 

Peace One Day, an organization dedicated to promoting a global day of ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September annually, understands that to reach this goal we must teach peace and tolerance year-round.   

With Skype’s support, Peace One Day created a Global Education Resource featuring 15 interactive lesson plans exploring issues such as anti-bullying, the United Nations, great peacemakers, intercultural-cooperation, and more.  Right now this curriculum is being used to teach students in over 197 countries, but Peace One Day needs your help to bring this resource to every classroom in the world! 

Betsy Sawyer, a middle school teacher in Groton, Massachusetts uses the Peace Education Resource to help guide the activities of the Bookmakers and Dreamers club in her school.  Using the resource and Skype, the club’s members had the opportunity to speak with a small group of boys in a mountainous village in Afghanistan.  Many said they have never known a peaceful time; their entire lives have been scarred by constant war.  A recent military raid killed 15 in their area.  The Afghan students asked Betsy’s students how they thought they would react if 15 people in their town were killed.  Something many of her students, many who come from wealthy families, had never considered. 

Please donate to Skype For Peace – a crowd-funding site launched specifically to raise money to bring this Global Education Resource to more classrooms around the world!  Skype has pledged to match every dollar of the first $100,000 donated to Skype for Peace. 

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