SFPNA Sustainability Report 2012: Customers

SFPNA Sustainability Report 2012: Customers

SFPNA customers want to know that they are specifying printing papers from a responsible company.

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SFPNA Sustainability Report, customer engagement

Friday, March 15, 2013 - 4:30pm

CAMPAIGN: SFPNA Sustainability Report 2012

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Printers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers, marketing communication managers and others are held accountable by their own management, clients and general public. SFPNA’s stance is to support them by being transparent and forthright in our environmental practices and educational in our communications.

eQ Journal and Online Tool

SFPNA’s eQ Journal and microsite have developed a reputation for being the go-tosource for the latest and most trusted information on sustainability in our industry. This multimedia platform is intended to elevate readers’ environmental knowledge with stories, blog posts, videos, interactive infographics and insights from foresters, conservationists, customers and academics.

Recently, eQ Journal 004: Taking the Guilt Out of Paper was nominated for the 2012 Pulp & Paper International Awards. This issue debunked the myths and guilt associated with paper use by providing evidence of how sustainable forestry results in healthier forests and thriving wildlife.

Sappi etc. and More

Excellent paper is just the beginning of SFPNA’s service to customers. We are committed to keeping customers abreast of innovations in the realm of print and paper technology, graphic trends, new marketing approaches and environmental development. Creative professionals in the field are well aware that the everchanging world of print, especially in the digital age, demands continuous education and training. Sappi has responded to that need with an ongoing program we call Sappi etc. which stands for education, training and consulting. Through seminars, webinars, training workshops, technical roundtables and general consulting, we cover a range of topics that impact those in the business. This program is led by Daniel Dejan, SFPNA Print and Creative Manager, and Laura M. Thompson, PhD., Director of Technical Marketing and Sustainable Development. Their in-depth knowledge of all aspects of print communications has made them two of the most respected experts in the industry. Recently, Sappi etc. has been rebranded with a new logo and in January,

Sappi etc. will be launched as a microsite, where customers can readily access the kind of information normally covered in Sappi seminars and in-person consultation. Included on this site will be a blog called Sidebar, with regular postings by Mr. Dejan on design, printing techniques and resources.

For the last five years, SFPNA has also produced an informative guide to designing for print with useful tips, techniques and methods for achieving optimum printing results. Entitled The Standard, this publication presents a treasure trove of visual ideas on how to use printing creatively. Volume 5, issued in 2012, focuses on special printing effects such as lenticular, flocking, sculpted dies, sandpaper coating and other techniques that make printed pieces more tactile, dimensional and interactive.

The Standard 5 drew its theme from 826 National, a network of nonprofit tutoring and writing centers for under-resourced youth, ages 6—18. Each 826 center adopts an imaginative theme, from Pirate Supply Store to Time Travel Mart and Bigfoot Research Institute, for its streetfront retail space. These zany retail concepts make 826 centers a “cool” place to go, where young students flock to learn to write short stories and poems, which 826 publishes into books. A two-time recipient of Sappi’s Ideas that Matter grants, 826 National was a perfect match for demonstrating special effects. In turn, The Standard 5 raised awareness for the nonprofit and helped to enlist graphic designers as volunteers.

This year, SFPNA sponsored a ten-city lecture tour on The Standard 5, with Kit Hinrichs, the design director for all five volumes of The Standard, presenting the backstory of how the special effects were achieved and a student from 826 reading an original work. The opportunity to support the good works of 826 National and demonstrate the incomparable qualities of paper at the same time made The Standard 5 campaign an outstanding success.

To read the full report, please download a PDF from our website link: 2012 Sustainability Report.