ServiceNow: 2 Million Reasons To Help the Nonprofit Sector Solve World Challenges

May 21, 2024 4:45 PM ET
CARE and KMPG partners standing together

CARE’s newest corporate partner, ServiceNow, is driven by their purpose to make the world work better for everyone. To that end, one of their top priorities is helping the global nonprofit sector digitally transform its operations.

That’s why they launched the Partnership for Good Grant: to provide nonprofits with technology that will allow them to do better business and more good.

In 2024, they committed to award four grants—up to $2 million in total value—to individual nonprofits that use technology in impactful ways to enable greater efficiencies and better serve their communities.

CARE has been selected as one of the four inaugural recipients of this grant and will be developing an AI-enabled education program tracking tool.

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