Seeking Engagement and Purpose, Corporate Employees Turn to Workplace Volunteering

May 15, 2024 10:30 AM ET

By James Pollard

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Michelle Barbin’s job does not always fill her bucket. Yes, she likes her nine-to-five helping improve consumer experiences at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. She emphasizes she wouldn’t have spent nearly 19 years working for the health insurance provider otherwise.

But her “empathetic heart” gets true satisfaction from the company’s opportunities to apply professional skills toward resource-strapped nonprofits. Routine work — managing projects or organizing slideshows — feels more fulfilling when it involves, say, a new marketing campaign for a Pittsburgh children’s health group.

She’s reaped developmental benefits, too; she credits her leadership on a day of service for helping convince her current boss to hire her onto a new team.

“This is a huge part of why I stay,” Barbin said.

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*Michelle regularly participates in Common Impact's skills-based volunteering program, facilitated through our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

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