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Johnson Matthey launches next phase of sustainable business framework, including ambitious new target to double positive impact of its products by 2025
Jul 19, 2018 9:00 AM ET

Johnson Matthey launches next phase of sustainable business framework, including ambitious new target to double positive impact of its products by 2025

Johnson Matthey, the global leader in science that makes the world cleaner and healthier, has set out its ambitious new sustainable business framework to drive growth and value creation in its latest annual report:

Within this new sustainable business framework, the company has set an ambitious target to double the positive contribution its products make to a cleaner, healthier world by 2025. 

JM is a company that uses world class science to develop market-leading products that have major positive impact on the planet.  For example, its emission control catalyst technologies prevent around 40 tonnes of harmful pollutants from cars from entering the air every minute, and its active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are the vital component of life enhancing drugs, improve quality of life for many people each year.

At the same time, the company continues to invest substantially (circa £200 million in 2017/18) into the research and development of sustainable products for the future.  One example is the development of cathode materials for batteries that will power electric cars and enable the journey to pollution-free roads.  Here JM has developed a next generation product which is now moving into commercialisation.     

JM is proud of how the company is harnessing science to create a sustainable business.  With its science, understanding and vision, JM believes it has much to contribute to a more sustainable future. To support its business strategy and respond to the increasingly complex challenges that the world faces, in its 2018 annual report JM has, for the first time, described its ambitious new sustainable business framework and the six goals that will support its business ambitions up until 2025.  The framework, through its goals, continues JM’s commitment to sustainable business.  They focus on JM’s own operations, but also reflect the broader external contribution the company makes, particularly through the positive impact of the products it develops and manufactures. 

Its six new goals are:

  • Goal 1: For health and safety, aspire to zero harm.
  • Goal 2: Ensure JM is a truly inclusive organisation that fosters employee engagement and development within a diverse and global workforce.
  • Goal 3: Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per unit of production output by 25%.
  • Goal 4: Improve sustainable business practices in JM’s supply chains and, through collaboration, ensure full compliance with the company’s minimum standards from strategic suppliers.
  • Goal 5: Double the positive impact that JM’s products, services and technologies make to a cleaner, healthier world.
  • Goal 6: Increase the use of volunteer hours to support community and charity partners through the JM employee volunteering programme.

The new sustainable business framework and goals follow on from JM’s ten-year Sustainability 2017 programme through which the company built a reputation as a world leading manufacturer of sustainable technologies, engaged its people and made JM a safer place to work. Over ten years from 2007, it transformed JM’s business and its sustainability performance, halving operational carbon footprint and use of energy and water per unit of sales.  Sustainability 2017 also laid the foundations for JM’s new brand: inspiring science, enhancing life; and the company’s vision for a cleaner, healthier world. Its refreshed business strategy has stemmed from these.

JM’s strategy for sustained growth and value creation is delivered by applying the company’s world class science to address major global challenges; clean air, improved health and conservation of the planet’s natural resources. The 2018 integrated report explains the company’s approach and combines all aspects of its performance into one document, reflecting how JM is addressing the areas which it believes will have a material impact on its business.  Read the full report at

Supported by its new sustainable business framework of six goals, JM believes it can achieve its vision for a cleaner, healthier world through its inspiring science; collaboration with customers; its operations and commitment to sustainable practices; and the company’s great people.

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