SASB Releases Its 2014 Annual Report

SASB Releases Its 2014 Annual Report

Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 9:35am

CAMPAIGN: Bloomberg: Sustainable Finance


Originally from the SASB 2014 Annual Report:

Accounting for a sustainable future. It’s what we do. Our sustainability accounting standards are a reflection of the challenges that affect us today and in the future. They address the things that matter to investors and society —issues with the most risk and opportunity. They show us how to measure environmental, human, and social capital. And they help us pick the companies best positioned to succeed in the dynamic world we live in today. 

Powerful themes have emerged from our analysis of 45 industries. From the effects of climate change to a growing demand for services brought on by population growth, the impacts on business and society are undeniable. While sustainability issues affect different industries in different ways, SASB research shows that no industry is unaffected. Sustainability risk is embedded across diversified investment portfolios, manifesting itself in manifold ways. 

Read the full report here.