Sappi Reduces Solid Waste for Fifth Consecutive Year

Sappi Reduces Solid Waste for Fifth Consecutive Year

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 4:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability Report 2017

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

The following offers a view of our annual performance in important areas of environmental and social responsibility. We monitor key metrics for fiber, emissions, energy usage and the impact of our operations on air, water and solid waste. We use this data to set improvement goals for our operations and interactions with key stakeholders.

Managing our solid waste and fi nding ways to minimize waste to landfill remains a focus at all of Sappi’s North American mills. Our overall waste to landfill has been reduced by 30 percent as compared to 2013, and we continue to make improvements within the mill operations. We also have an ongoing effort to find beneficial uses for byproducts. We continue to work with local farmers who use boiler ash and lime mud as soil amendments for managing soil pH, which improves growing conditions for certain crops. 

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