Sanofi Publishes Its 2017 Integrated Report

Jul 17, 2018 5:00 AM ET

On June 28th, Sanofi, a global healthcare leader, released its 2017 Integrated Report. This report is a reflection of the company’s vision, linking sustainability performance to business results, showing Sanofi’s contribution to the major challenges and key issues that must be addressed today. It is a communication channel for a wide range of stakeholders.

Through this report, Sanofi seeks ways of demonstrating that its strong business performance is sustained in the long term by the value that the company brings to society, as a sustainable economic partner, through science and innovation and as a corporate citizen. It shows that this value creation is backed by Sanofi’s strong fundamentals in terms of governance, risk management, ethics and transparency.

The value Sanofi creates starts with its contribution as a Health journey partner. The report highlights the company’s clear and resolute line for action to contribute to the continuous advancement of health, focusing on the highest needs and where we can have the greatest impact. As an example, Sanofi’s Access to Healthcare programs in 65 countries benefited over 35 million patients receiving diagnosis, vaccination or treatment in 2017. The report also highlights the company’s continued effort to reduce its environmental footprint and ensure high standards of ethics and transparency.

The perspective of internal and external stakeholders has been included throughout the report to bring their vision and illustrate the initiatives. The first part of this report focuses on the lives of patients, through the #SanofiStories.

This 2017 Integrated Report has been prepared in accordance with the most widely recognized international standards: it is inspired by the reference framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and complies with the GRI Standards: Core option. It underlines Sanofi’s contribution towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in relation with the various initiatives Sanofi is implementing.

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