Sands ECO360 | The Journey of LED

Jul 13, 2016 9:00 AM ET

As featured in the 2015 Sands ECO360 Report

Resort operations account for most of our environmental impact. By implementing responsible practices and cutting-edge technologies, we can reduce our natural resource consumption and improve the experience of our guests and Team Members. 

Resource Conservation
Our safeguarding of natural resources, such as energy and water, is the cornerstone of our environmentally responsible operations. Years of conservation experience have enabled us to establish a robust energy management process, through which we set annual reduction goals for our properties based on five-year emissions targets. The sustainability and facilities teams research new ideas and test available technologies to identify conservation opportunities, subsequently managing their implementation and evaluating performance. Our teams have completed more than 300 projects worldwide since 2010, resulting in annual electricity savings of 247 million kWh – more than enough to power The Venetian, The Palazzo and Sands Expo in Las Vegas combined.

We operate large and complex buildings, some with up to 60,000 management control data points. Our work has evolved from simple technology deployment (such as lighting retrofits) to more sophisticated process and system improvements, such as building re-commissioning, air side optimization and chiller plant optimization. Our new electronic dashboard stores and analyzes utility consumption and emissions data to better understand our performance. We also developed a project Achievements management system to more effectively execute the reduction efforts. 

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