RSF Social Finance Monthly -- December 2011

Highlights from RSF Social Finance
Dec 12, 2011 1:29 PM ET

The Infinite Value of Giving 

We spend a lot of time talking about the investing and lending part of our work.  This time of year, we like to turn our attention to giving, the third pillar of our work with money.  This season, we give thanks and give of ourselves. Earlier this year, we published a piece by RSF founder and trustee Siegfried Finser in the RSF Quarterly.  Given its enduring message, we wanted to share it again, for your reading pleasure...Read the full post on the Reimagine Money blog.

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Philanthropology 3.0: Power Dynamics in Philanthropy

On Friday, November 4, I traveled down to San Mateo to participate in a day-long workshop at the the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The workshop was designed by Emerging Practicioners in Philathropy (EPIP) a group I’ve recently become more involved with as a Steering Committee member.  The workshop, titled “Philanthropology 3.0”, is part of EPIP’s new Philanthropology™ Program, a grantmaker education series.  The day’s curriculum focused on power dynamics and spurred thoughtful discussion and ideas among the 20 participants in attendance...Read the full post on the Reimagine Money blog.

New Loan Supports Local Food in Maine

We are thrilled to announce a new loan to Crown O’Maine (COM), the leading distributor of local organic products in the state of Maine.  Serving Maine since 1995, the company’s mission is to support small scale family farmers, fishers, and artisans.  Crown O’Maine offers a collection of locally produced foods through local buying clubs, restaurants, and neighborhood establishments...Read the full post in the RSF newsroom.

Sharing Biodynamic Practices at The Pfieffer Center

As the standards for organic certification are increasingly called into question, the conversation about sustainable food and agriculture is frequently turning to biodynamics, making the work of 2011 RSF Seed Fund grantee The Pfeiffer Center even more important. Located in Chestnut Ridge, NY, the Pfeiffer Center seeks to teach and spread awareness of the biodynamic method...Read the full post on the Reimagine Money blog.

Celebrating Rudolf Steiner...Audio Recordings

We are really excited to share these audio recordings from four of the amazing presentations from the Rudolf Steiner Festival. Tune in to learn about current applications of Steiner's work from expert members of the RSF Community.

What’s So Special About Biodynamics? with Paul Dolan, Paul Dolan Vineyards

Steiner’s Influence Today with Robert McDermott, California Institute of Integral Studies

Threefold Principles  with Jeffrey Westman, Social Entrepreneur, John Bloom & Mark Finser, RSF Social Finance

Transforming the Way the World Works With Money with Don Shaffer, Jeffrey Westman, Michael Davis, and Scott Leonard

Forbes' Impact 30 List

Social enterprise is continuing to garner attention and praise among mainstream business and financial audiences. For the first time, Forbes’ has released its list of the Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs.

We are excited to see many familiar faces on this list. Leadership from RSF borrowers B Lab and New Leaf Paper, as well Root Capital which is an investment from our Donor Advised Fund Impact Investing program, are among the organizations recognized. It is encouraging to see that this type of work is not going unnoticed. We look forward to continuing to watch this story unfold as more people become aware of the power of social enterprise and as more inspiring leaders apply their entrepreneurial talents to solve pressing social and environmental problems.

Congratulations to all of the organizations recognized!

Click here to view the full list.