Rolf Skar: Living In The Age Of Fire

Rolf Skar: Living In The Age Of Fire

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Rolf Skar of Greenpeace

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 1:25pm

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Massive wildfires, like the recent so-called “Rim Fire” which threatened the region near Yosemite National Park, seem to be far-too-frequent events these days.  The Rim Fire, which apparently was caused by a hunter’s illegal campfire is now thankfully 80% contained at the cost of about $100 million, but its effects are long-term and far-reaching, and they raise some important larger questions: Are we heading in the right direction in terms of forestry policy? Are we learning from past mistakes? And are fires like this always bad?

This week on Sea Change Radio, we welcome back Rolf Skar, the director of forestry management for Greenpeace, to break down the impact of the Rim Fire and answer our questions about the broader context of this fire and its ilk.

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