Robots to Deliver Environmental Benefits in Agriculture

by Vikas Vij
Jul 25, 2016 9:00 AM ET
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Agricultural robots are a part of precision agriculture, which hold the promise to improve sustainable farming practices. From sensors to drones to satellite imagery to better software management for people and equipment, advancements in precision agriculture are enabling growers to use less pesticide, less water, produce less waste, and improve the environmental sustainability of agriculture.

According to a recent report by Lux Research titled Planting the Seeds of a Robot Revolution: How Autonomous Systems are Integrating into Precision Agriculture, robots are making their way into agriculture, potentially altering the farming landscape across the world. Lux Research analyst and lead author of the report Sara Olson said that the benefits robots bring in the form of increased accuracy and precision in agriculture will start to pay off in coming years.

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Image Credit: Flickr via anna_t

Vikas is a staff writer for the Sustainable Development news and editorial section on Justmeans. He is an MBA with 20 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience and global travel. He is the author of "The Power of Money" (Scholars, 2003), a book that presents a revolutionary monetary economic theory on poverty alleviation in the developing world. Vikas is also the official writer for an international social project for developing nations "Decisions for Life" run in collaboration between the ILO, the University of Amsterdam and the Indian Institute of Management.