Risk, Trust, and Transformation

Risk, Trust, and Transformation

Lee McCormack, Director, Research, Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation (CCAF-FCVI)


TOPIC: Risk, Trust and Transformation
Plenary Session 1 at Intergovernmental Forum on Risk Management 2010
WHEN: Wednesday, September 15 at 8:45 a.m
WHERE: Ottawa
Priority Code: 3BL1

Based on extensive consultations with public sector managers and auditors across Canada, CCAF published Innovation, Risk and Control. This publication provides a practical manager’s guide to encouraging innovation, understanding control, managing risk and reducing red tape. In this opening session Lee McCormack will discuss the research results and position risk management within a broader management framework and argue persuasively that risk management can only succeed when integrated effectively within this broader context. He will discuss risk as it relates to the four broad areas of:

  • Encouraging Innovation

  • Being in Control

  • Acting on Opportunity

  • Reducing Red Tape

For more information on this session, or to see a copy of the full agenda, please visit our web site, or contact Joel Elliott at elliott@conferenceboard.ca. Please quote priority code 3BL1 when registering.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - 10:00am