Revolutionizing Sustainable Retail With Recurate

Aug 29, 2023 9:50 AM ET

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From designer fashion to sports equipment, the resale market is experiencing a renaissance like never before. In fact, the resale market has grown so exponentially that it is projected to reach $77 billion within the next few years.

This is a big victory for sustainability, especially given the carbon footprint of the fashion industry. Keeping a t-shirt or pair of shoes in circulation longer is one of the greatest ways to counteract the impacts of fast fashion.

With this rise in resale, there is a golden opportunity for the brands behind the products to get involved. This idea led Adam Siegel, now CEO, to co-found Recurate. Recurate is a platform that empowers clothing brands to embrace the circular economy through the potential of resale, offering tools to allow customers to buy resale and secondhand products seamlessly. By facilitating the transition to a circular business model, Recurate not only helps brands make a positive impact on the planet but also opens up new revenue streams and enhances their brand image in an increasingly conscious marketplace.

Listen for insights on:

  • The consumer data supporting the resale model for individuals and brands
  • How to help consumers balance their desires for sustainability, convenience, and price — and how Recurate satisfies all three
  • Recurate’s vision for a fully integrated resale experience
  • Ways you can buy and sell through Recurate’s brands — and how to become one!