Responsible Asset Management: Saving Money and the Environment

Responsible Asset Management: Saving Money and the Environment

Monday, March 22, 2010 - 1:15pm


Increasing conversations on climate change and pending carbon legislation is raising the awareness levels that companies now have to prove their commitment to business sustainability issues through information transparency and fully auditable policies. At the core of this approach needs to be consistent and detailed information concerning the life cycle of fixed assets:  from country of origin and maintenance schedules to final disposal details. 

Asset disposition, or investment recovery is the practice of recouping the value of assets no longer needed by a company by identifying and reusing or disposing of surplus assets.  Its effectiveness as a business sustainability program includes whether or not a corporate sustainability plan with environmental principles and policies are clearly stated, measured, and reported. 
Investment recovery programs play a vital role in a sustainability business strategy.  Click here to continue reading.



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