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Apr 12, 2012 2:30 PM ET
Participants from SAI's SA8000® Basic Auditor Training Course in New Delhi, India - 2-6, April, 2012 (Photo Credit: Sanjiv Singh)
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SAI training courses are designed to encourage proficiency in social compliance issues and emphasize the implementation of management systems. Learn about a management-system approach to social compliance auditing and supply chain management. 

These courses are required for all SA8000® or BSCI auditors, and are also valuable for auditing to any labor code or standard. The courses are open to all, and aimed towards social auditors, buyers, suppliers and corporate compliance managers.

View SAI's full 2012 Training Schedule

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SA8000® Introduction & Basic Auditor Training Course (5-day) 2012


SA8000® Advanced Auditor Training Course (3 day) 2012

Now featuring an online pre-requisite course that reviews the material from the Basic Course.