Rayonier Sustainability Report: Employee Recruitment and Retention

Rayonier strives to be the preferred employer in the forestry sector. We recognize that without a strong and enduring workforce, operating within an inclusive and supportive culture, our company cannot sustain its success.
Jun 21, 2024 2:30 PM ET

Originally published on Rayonier.com

We believe that having the right mix of capabilities now, as well as building a strong and diverse pipeline of talent for the future, is vital to our continued success. We have initiated a variety of outreach and educational programs designed to raise awareness about our company, as well as the broader forestry sector, among students of all ages.

Internship Program

We take great pride in offering annual college internship opportunities within both our U.S. and New Zealand operations. Through our internships, we have the privilege of mentoring and supporting the development of the next generation of leaders, while also cultivating a robust pipeline of talent for future roles. Our internships provide students with a comprehensive introduction to our company, its operations, and its unique culture. Interns gain valuable insights into the wide range of roles and career opportunities available to them, helping them to make informed decisions as they plan for their future.

In 2022, we had a total of 11 students participating in our internship program, with nine based in the U.S. and two in New Zealand. These interns included three underrepresented ethnic and gender-diverse students. Interns held positions within our forestry operations, business development, GIS, technology, portfolio management, silviculture research, and accounting departments. Our interns are provided competitive pay and a number of benefits such as holiday pay, a housing allowance, and phone stipends. Annually, in the U.S., we fund two forestry scholarships through Alabama A&M University, a historically black university, and the University of Florida. These scholarships center on fostering greater inclusion and diversity. In addition, each of our New Zealand interns received a scholarship to support their future studies. We view this program as an important component of our broader efforts to both attract the best candidates and promote diversity in the forestry sector. 

Educational Initiatives

Our educational initiatives, which also serve as a resource for recruiting talented and diverse candidates include: 

  • Funding forestry awareness programs 
  • Participation in youth educational programs throughout our communities 
  • Supporting and funding forestry undergraduate and graduate students and programs 

For more information on responsible stewardship at Rayonier, visit our website. To view our current Sustainability Report in full, click here.