Raising the Voices of Sustainability Thought Leadership

By Kelly Eisenhardt
Jul 28, 2016 9:00 AM ET
Campaign: CSR Blogs


Interview with Tim Gnatek, President and Co-founder, Blue Practice

Sustainability thought leaders are seeking experienced communications organizations to help get their vision and mission communicated both internally and externally, along with promoting new trends.

Tim Gnatek is President and Co-founder of Blue Practice, a communications agency dedicated to providing media relations, corporate and employee communications, thought leadership programs, content generation, and creative campaigns for clients in the sustainability space. A former New York Times reporter, he was also awarded a fellowship with Frontline/World to report on leading sustainability programs in Curitiba, Brazil. Tim is a member of the executive board of TEDxMarin (Marin, CA) responsible for event strategy, adjudicate content and themes, along with selecting speakers, and assisting in year-round programming activities.

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