Putting a Face on Homelessness

Jul 30, 2014 2:20 PM ET

Along the Outerwall

Earlier last month, eighteen members of our business resource group, Women’s Insight Network (WIN), volunteered at Angeline’s Women’s Center where they prepared and served lunch for Seattle-area women in need. Angeline’s mission to support the health and wellness of women, as well as fostering a sense of community and inclusion, is in direct alignment with WIN’s mission.

Angeline’s is a YWCA Seattle nonprofit that’s been supporting the community since 1987. It offers refuge – including food, a place to rest, medical treatment, and more – to up to 250 homeless women each day.

Angeline’s Women’s Center
Volunteering to serve lunch at Angeline’s was a meaningful experience for WIN members, as they had the opportunity to connect with gracious, intelligent and kind women.

Some of the volunteers from WIN shared thoughts on their experience:

  • “I thought we were going there to make a difference in their life, if only for a moment. It turns out they made a difference in mine - for a lifetime.”
    Arianne Collman
    Deployment Coordinator, Outerwall
  • “I wish everyone could have the experience of helping these women in some small way because it is very eye opening. These women were smart and intelligent and just needed help. It seemed they were trying to find jobs and to have better lives. Showing the ladies of Angeline’s respect and giving them dignity certainly put smiles on their faces.”
    Joyce Martin
    Executive Assistant, Outerwall
  • “Serving lunch to the women at Angeline’s was an intense and rewarding experience and great to do this as a team. It put a face on homelessness for me. We saw a lot of smiles and received a lot of gratitude from the women for this simple act of serving lunch.”
    Kathryn McGavick
    WIN Co-chair and CVP Customer Support, Outerwall
  • “Seeing their faces, and having many come up, look us in the eyes, and say thank you touched my heart. It was clear that it meant a lot to them, more than any of us probably realize.”
    Piper McNeal
    Associate Systems Analyst, Outerwall
  • “This volunteer event showed me homelessness does not discriminate, as I saw women of all ages and ethnic groups. My eyes and heart were opened as I gained a better understanding of what these women deal with on a daily basis.

    Nothing in their day is simple. They are challenged daily with needing a shower, washing their clothes, eating a meal, or just wanting a hot cup of coffee. It was emotional, but I left humbled and grateful to have served them. I have the utmost respect for organizations like Angeline’s!”
    Tina Aitken
    Manufacturing Operations Manager, Outerwall

How you can help
For more information, to volunteer or make a donation to the YWCA, please stop by their website.