Purpose 360: A Force for Good and Growth With Procter & Gamble

Feb 1, 2023 2:00 PM ET
A force for good and growth. Damon Jones

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Traditional advertising is transactional. But that’s not the case at Procter & Gamble.

At P&G, advertising goes beyond presenting a product and its benefits to consumers. Instead, P&G uses advertising as a medium for mass storytelling, with the objective of both deepening the public’s understanding of social issues and informing them on the role they can play. This supports transformative change: broadening perspectives and igniting a drive to make change. Don’t believe us? Watch “It’s Our Home.” These stories don’t (just) sell products – they build relationships and spark change.

We invited Damon Jones, Chief Communications Officer at Procter & Gamble, back to Purpose 360 to talk about how P&G leverages storytelling to drive change for the environment and society. Behind the ads are programs that invest in underrepresented communities, products that enable consumers to create positive change, and platforms that foster empathy and understanding.

Listen for more insights on:

  • The difference between investing in research and consumer understanding.
  • How to respond to current events with meaningful, substantive, and measured commitments.
  • How to authentically integrate products into issue-driven marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Why a company’s actions matter more than headlines.

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