Providing Perpetual Power in the Paradise of the Pacific

Verizon’s Gridwide IoT Solution is helping Hawaii create a more sustainable future
Jul 3, 2018 11:30 AM ET
Campaign: Sustainability
Together the Hawaiian Electric Company and Verizon are working to generate 100% of Hawaii's electricity from renewable sources by 2045.

By Chris Lloyd, director of corporate responsibility strategy, Verizon

At Verizon, we don’t wait for the future. We build it. In Hawaii, we’re helping build a future in which all the electricity comes from renewable sources, enabling the environment, society and the economy to thrive.

To help the Aloha state achieve its goal to generate 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045, the Hawaiian Electric Company selected Verizon’s Grid Wide IoT-based smart grid solution for its two new rooftop solar programs. Verizon is providing Hawaiian Electric with an Advanced Meter Infrastructure solution that allows it to monitor and manage the amount of energy being sent to the grid from customers’ rooftop solar inverters. In near-real time, Hawaiian Electric can see how much energy is being sent to the grid from these customers and curtail this generation, if needed, to prevent destabilization of the grid.

This application of Verizon’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology is an example of how we are addressing societal challenges while creating value for shareholders and the communities we serve. It’s solutions like these that, according to the Global eSustainability Initiative’s SMARTer2030 report, will help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent.

By applying its IoT-based smart grid platform, 4G LTE network, cloud hosting and data analytics capabilities, Verizon is helping to transform Hawaii’s energy grid, fostering the transition to a more environmentally friendly, low-carbon society. And the project in Hawaii is not the only one. In 2017, Verizon’s Grid Wide solution and the third-party smart grid solutions that Verizon enables, helped Verizon customers avoid emitting 1.7 million metric tons of CO2e, equivalent to removing 370,000 cars from the road for a year.

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