Progressive Deal Flow via Online Venture Fair June 21st

Community & International Development Deals
Jun 19, 2012 11:50 PM ET
Investors' Circle Monthly Virtual Venture Fair

Investors’ Circle (an impact investing network celebrating its 20th anniversary this year) is inviting angel investors, fund managers, wealth advisers, VCs and other accredited investors to watch five early stage entrepreneurs pitch online. These events represent a unique opportunity for targeted investors to connect with compelling companies more frequently and without having to travel.  Investors’ Circle is collaborating with The Unreasonable Institute this month, featuring community and international development enterprises - all of which are for-profit entities plus offer some sort of verifiable social and/or environmental benefit. 

Aunt Bertha by Erine Gray (USA): Aunt Bertha connects those in need (veterans, the homeless, single parents, etc.) to information about federal, state, county, city, and neighborhood programs in their zip code that they are eligible for.   

BOULD by Shane Gring (USA): Enables young professionals to build hands-on experience and earn LEED Accreditation from the US Green Building Council by building green homes with Habitat for Humanity. 

EcoPost by Lorna Rutto (Kenya): With a lumber solution that both saves the forests and turns waste into wealth, Eco Post has manufactured an aesthetically pleasing and durable plastic lumber, saving 1 million kilograms of plastic, generating over $80K in revenue, and creating upwards of 20 jobs directly and over 100 jobs by those they purchase plastic from.

Edom Nutritional Solutions by Winstone Odhiambo (Kenya): Working with local farming cooperatives, Edom delivers critical nutrients to vulnerable populations through fortified staple foods, like porridge, that cost 40 cents per packet with sales currently at 1.8 million packets per month.

Waste Enterprisers by Ashley Murray (Ghana): Instead of relying on households to pay to get rid of their waste, Waste Enterprisers buys it from them, turns it into energy and sells it. So far, they've raised $250,000 from the Gates Foundation and the European Union.  

The pitches are approximately 10 minutes in length with Q&A sessions following each one.  Investors can register here: . COST: $50. Free to IC members.