Pro Bono Perspectives S2E13: Natalye Paquin, Points of Light

Serving Our Communities in Times of Crisis
Jun 9, 2020 10:00 AM ET
Natalye Paquin, Points of Light

Pro Bono Perspectives with Points of Light's Natalye Paquin

Points of Light President & CEO Natalye Paquin joins host and Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly for a conversation on the importance of civic engagement and volunteerism in improving our communities, especially in crises like COVID-19.

Natalye shares how this sentiment prompted her team to make this year’s Points of Light Conference fully complimentary so anyone can benefit from its teachings and opportunities for new connections. She also provides her insights on leadership, investing in your people and what it’s like to lead in this time of mass protests against racial injustice and systemic inequality.

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