Pride 2024: Stories of Strength

T. Rowe Price Recognizes Pride Month
Jun 7, 2024 9:40 AM ET
T. Rowe Price Associates
T. Rowe Price associates sharing the importance of the PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price business resource group

As we mark Pride Month as both a personal and communal celebration of visibility, perseverance, and dignity, a few of our associates highlighted the importance of our PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price business resource group (BRG) in creating space to share their lived experiences as members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sean Flaherty, Assistant Vice President, II Client Processing

Pride means building a workplace where anyone and everyone can feel accepted and heard and can excel in their roles at T. Rowe Price. For some associates, that means that on the first day in their new role they see an “Ally or Out” sign on someone’s desk, and they get the sense that they can be their true self at work. For other associates, it is going to a session that broadens their knowledge about an LGBTQIA+ topic. As a leader, it means you can take that step to start a spark of acceptance. As a group, it is marching with my fellow associates in a Pride parade and knowing that my children can feel proud that their dad and his company stood with them.

Jennifer Fox, Supervisor, Select Client Services

I have been with T. Rowe Price for five years, and every day when I come to work, I am amazed at the community I have here and the joy I am able to bring. PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price is a big part of that community, allowing people to feel seen, represented, and respected in their day-to-day lives in a way that doesn't feel performative or transactional. To me, the meaning of community is that you can bring your full self to every situation without feeling like you're on display or you must try to prove or be something. You can just exist, as yourself, unapologetically. That's a special feeling, and it's one that is found in our PRIDE community here at T. Rowe Price.

Yoko Matsumoto, Senior Relationship Manager, Institutional Business, Japan, and PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price APAC Chapter Lead

At T. Rowe Price, we truly believe in equal opportunity regardless of your gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. You need to present your beliefs by being visible—this is what PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price is about for me. I am an ally. I stand by my beliefs, and I continue to be visible.

Diana Panunzio, Director, Fixed Income Portfolio Investment Analysts, and Chair, PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price

PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price is focused on empowering LGBTQ+ associates to bring their authentic selves to work each day by creating a safe, inclusive community where everyone can belong and flourish. PRIDE offers a platform for people to tell their stories, for others to hear those stories, and to foster empathy through sharing lived experiences. It is through these personal connections that we create an inclusive environment where everyone belongs. We can all help weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of T. Rowe Price culture, and as the chair of PRIDE, I am proud to help drive cultural change and build community and belonging for everyone.

Essi Sadeghi, Director, Investment Solutions

I have been at T. Rowe Price for close to seven years and joined our PRIDE BRG when it was incepted shortly after. PRIDE has provided a safe space for me as I’ve navigated my career as a gay woman. Through this BRG, I have found counsel, friendship, advocacy, and opportunity. Certainly, the thoughtful activism the group has demonstrated has set in motion a cultural mind shift that I believe has created greater tolerance, understanding, and empathy. These are all essential ingredients for associates of all walks of life and backgrounds to thrive.

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