Powering Sustainable Growth: CN Releases Sustainability Report

Publication Highlights Progress made as well as New Targets and Aspirations
Jan 31, 2022 8:00 AM ET

CN’s 2020 Delivering Responsibly Sustainability Report reflects the progress made in its environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and details key targets for the company’s sustainability journey as it continues to implement its strategic plan.

CN’s key ESG targets and goals include:

  • Reducing GHG emissions and committed to setting a net-zero 2050 carbon emissions target by signing the “Business Ambition for 1.5°C”;
  • Reducing air emissions intensity by 6% by 2022;
  • Diverting approximately 95% of operational waste from landfills annually;
  • Planting three million trees by 2030;
  • Reducing the personal injury frequency rate by 55% and the accident rate by 45%, by 2030 based on 2019;
  • Attain and maintain an executive management team in which at least thirty percent are women;
  • Attain and maintain a Board composition in which at least fifty percent of the non-management Board members come from diverse groups, including gender parity;

The report also details CN’s support of the transition to a sustainable economy through an environmental, efficient, and cost-effective mode of transport for biomass-based fuels, electric vehicles, methanol, solar panels, wind turbines, as well as key food staples and recyclable materials.

CN’s Sustainability Pillars

  • Environment: Conduct operations with minimal environmental impact, while providing cleaner, more sustainable transportation services to customers.
  • Safety: Be the safest railroad in North America by establishing an uncompromising safety culture and implementing a management system designed to minimize risk and drive continuous improvement.
  • People: Provide a safe, supportive and diverse work environment where employees can grow to their full potential and be recognized for their contributions to the company’s success.
  • Community: Build safer, stronger communities by investing in community development, creating positive socioeconomic benefits and ensuring open lines of communication.
  • Governance: Continuously improve the company’s culture of integrity and ethical business, building trust and confidence with all stakeholders.


Chantale Després
Assistant Vice-President, Sustainability

Jonathan Abecassis
Senior Manager, Media Relations
(438) 455-3692

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