Plenary Session 1 - Trust, Engagement, Reputation, and Performance

Presented by: David Cheesewright, CEO, Walmart Canada Corp.
Jul 26, 2010 2:00 PM ET

One of Canada's largest and fastest-growing employers, Walmart Canada is focused on fostering higher work-force engagement.  Walmart is also the first employer for thousands of young people entering the workforce, a demographic that's attuned to corporate social responsibility issues and conscious of their employer's impact on the community.

Walmart has pioneered a range of engagement initiatives that address personal sustainability, local community involvement, and associate diversity.  Walmart was also named one of Canada's top corporate cultures in 2009 by Waterstone Human Capital.  David Cheesewright will discuss Walmart's efforts to improve trust and engagement, and how its successes have affected the retailer's performance and reputation.

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