Paperless Office Solutions

Paperless Office Solutions

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 4:10pm


In our professional consulting working with small businesses looking for solutions to building a sustainable business, one of the sustainable concepts that we explore with clients is moving to a paperless office.  The problems we run into in executing a paperless office is document management and retrieval. 

How does your company manage the influx of emails, reports, and information from social media sites: Linked In and Twitter? Did you know that approximately 90% of electronic content coming into an organization is unstructured data  and about 80% of that is unmanaged.
With small business resources limited, what's a company to do?  Well, considering that about 30% of a worker's time is spent searching for a document or recreating it, as professional consultants, we suggest document management software.  It reduces expenses and aids in productivity.



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