Original Nestlé® Nesquik® Products Take Sweet Steps Towards Better Nutrition Through Reduction of Added Sugar and Removal of Artificial Colors and Flavors

Apr 16, 2015 2:00 PM ET

GLENDALE, Calif, Apr 16, 2015 /3BL Media/ - This month, Nestlé® Nesquik® announces a reduction in added sugar in its powder formulas by 15 percent in original chocolate powder and 27 percent in strawberry powder. In addition this month, Nesquik, produced in the United States, will be free of artificial colors and flavors in these two powder products. The Nesquik nutrition improvements are the latest consumer product unveiling from Nestlé as part of its ongoing global commitment to nutrition, health and wellness across its family of brands. 

For the last 18 months, Nestlé has been dedicated to the product reformulation and conducted extensive consumer testing to ensure that the new, less-added-sugar recipe maintains the same great taste that consumers expect from the beloved brand. Nesquik has replaced sugar with cocoa and other natural flavors. The artificial colors previously used in the strawberry powder were replaced with beet juice powder to give the iconic product its distinctly pink hue while the chocolate powder (chocolate-colored from the presence of cocoa) never contained artificial colors. The reformulated powders, now with 10.6 grams of added sugar per two-tablespoons serving, will be on shelves at retailers nationwide beginning in April 2015.  In addition, these United States-produced powders will be identifiable by a “no artificial colors and flavors” graphic burst on-pack. 

“Nesquik has been one of America’s favorite beverages for more than 50 years and is the category leader for flavored powders mixed with milk,” said Rob Case, president of the Nestlé Beverage Division, Nestlé USA.  “Given our market leadership, Nestlé and Nesquik have sought to create even more nutritious and great-tasting options for our consumers.  Guided by Nestlé’s strict nutrition criteria as well as consumer desires, we’ve begun this journey by reducing sugar across our Nesquik portfolio.  We’ve earned our consumers’ vote by leading in great taste, on which we won’t compromise, and enhanced it further by continuous nutrition improvements over time.”

The Nestlé commitment to reducing added sugar in Nesquik began more than a decade ago, and the brand has recorded a significant reduction of sugar across its portfolio of powder and ready-to-drink flavored milks. For example, since 2000, Nesquik’s most popular chocolate powder formula has seen a 35 percent reduction in added sugar. Over the next few months, every Nesquik flavor across its powder and ready-to-drink portfolio will have only 10.6 grams of added sugar.  In the ready-to-drink options, the nutrition label reflects an 8 oz. serving that includes 22 grams of sugar, of which 10.6 grams is added sugar while the balance is lactose, milk’s naturally occurring sugar.  Over the coming years, Nesquik will continue to introduce product refinements and innovations, driven by Nestlé’s global nutritional foundation criteria. 

As part of this announcement, Nesquik is facilitating a panel discussion at Mom 2.0 Summit on April 29, 2015, where the prominent parenting influencer community can have an open conversation around reducing sugar in kids’ diets and what companies can do to facilitate change from the breakfast table and beyond. Mom 2.0 Summit is the premier professional conference for influential mom bloggers and female entrepreneurs who converge at the summit to discuss what’s next for women online and in the marketplace.

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