Orange Publishes Its First Integrated Annual Report

Sep 7, 2016 5:00 AM ET

Orange has chosen to issue an “Integrated Annual Report” for the first time, which invites shareholders but also any stakeholder to consider the CSR aspect of its strategy. It aims to show how Orange, a digital, efficient and responsible company, focuses on a sustainable business plan to benefit its customers and create value for the whole society by making digital technology a driver of progress for all.

As one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with sales of 40 billion euros in 2015 and 155,000 employees serving a total customer base of 252 million customers worldwide at 31 March 2016, Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, has made his ambition clear in his editorial: “Digital technology changes our lives. The real challenge behind technology is people. Thanks to our legacy business as a telecom operator, our history, the expertise of our teams and our investments, we believe we can make an essential contribution to ensure that these changes positively impact our world.”

This report is based on responses to 7 major questions:

  • Why is digital technology as much a human revolution as a technological one?
  • How is the face of Orange's markets changing?
  • How are the networks responding to the explosion in demand for connectivity?
  • What is customer experience in the digital era?
  • How can we improve our support for employees in the digital world?
  • Is digital technology a catalyst for economic and social development?
  • Is effective governance possible?

Responses are provided by members of the Executive Committee and Orange experts, but also by market players such as Yves Gassot from IDATE, Mats Grandryd from GSMA as well as Boutheina Guermazi from the World Bank. Each gives their view on the challenges of the sector faced with market issues, their perspective on the contribution of telecoms to economic and social development and the contribution of digital technology to the ecological and energy transition.

Orange voluntarily wanted this approach to be transparent to better demonstrate its determination to make digital technology a powerful driver for positive change worldwide, meeting each person’s expectations as closely as possible. “This publication is entirely consistent with our brand ambition, which was recently redefined based on listening to our customers in order to provide tangible responses to what is essential for them. This report is a perfect example of the presence of Orange in all aspects of daily life,”explains Béatrice Mandine, Senior Executive of Communication and Branding.

The desired transparency of this report is also based on 15 clear financial and extra-financial indicators which will be monitored as part of the strategic plan.

Ramon Fernandez, Deputy CEO in charge of Group Strategy and Finance, also takes this opportunity to note that “this Integrated Annual Report goes beyond a classic annual report, as I am convinced that the performance of our company must not be solely focused on its financial results: our ability to respond to the social, societal and environmental issues of this century is a key aspect.”

This integrated report has now replaced our former Corporate Social Responsibility report. Only a CSR section remains on the Group's company website, which includes a summary of the 2015 achievements verified by one of our auditors who delivered a reasonable insurance on all our achievements and on our compliance with the AA1000 principles. This voluntary audit completes the compulsory verification of all CSR information included in the management report.  An interactive database is also available which displays how our environmental and social data has developed over the past 4 years. Moreover, a CSR roadmap has been published and will be used as a reference framework for CSR initiatives launched by the Group in the coming years.

“This new reporting exercise is based on a shared belief amongst the executive committee and I am happy that Corporate Social Responsibility has found its place this year as part of the communication of our Essentials2020 plan: The company’s ambition and responsible commitment are now a reflection of each other and subsequently support each other,”Christine Albanel, Senior Executive of Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Partnerships and Solidarity.

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