O-I Glass: Sustainability Goal Spotlight: Increase Recycled Content to 50 Percent Average by 2030

Jun 27, 2023 3:30 PM ET

O-I Glass is transforming glass manufacturing by working to increase our recycled content to an average of 50 percent across its global footprint. At O-I, glass is never trash and it is 100 percent recyclable, infinitely, making it an ideal package for the circular economy. In fact, about 80 percent of recycled glass containers are made into new glass packaging—in as little as 30 days

Glass packaging is made from four simple ingredients: limestone, soda ash, silica sand, and recycled glass – often called cullet. Cullet melts at a lower temperature. So, when the recycled content – or levels of cullet – used in glass production is increased, the furnaces require less energy, resulting in fewer emissions. 

Every ton of glass recycled saves more than a ton of raw material, and every 10% of recycled glass used in the manufacturing process reduces energy consumption by about 3% and carbon emissions by 5%. In short, increased recycled content improves the sustainability of glass packaging.

Globally, glass packaging produced by O-I contains an average of 38 percent cullet by tons packed. In Europe, O-I has produced glass packaging made of up to 100 percent recycled glass and the company holds a patent on a bottle made from 100 percent cullet. 

In pursuit of its goal to increase recycled content to an average of 50 percent, the company is working across its network of customers, suppliers, and communities to creatively find innovative solutions to capture glass and put it right back into the production of new glass packaging. 

Recycled content plays a vital role in maximizing the potential of the circular economy for glass packaging and O-I’s vision to be the most innovative, sustainable, and chosen supplier of brand-building packaging solutions. 

Learn more about O-I’s holistic approach to sustainability by downloading the company’s 2023 sustainability report update at: http://o-i.com/sustainability/