Now Flying: JetBlue's Newly Redesigned Vets in Blue Plane

Nov 11, 2022 2:05 PM ET

Now flying is JetBlue's newly redesigned Vets in Blue plane, making its Veterans Day debut.

JetBlue is proud to support our U.S. active duty military, retired military and veterans, National Guard and Reserve, and their families year-round, offering several different military discounts and benefits for travel throughout the airline's network. JetBlue accommodates those and their families enrolled in Veterans Advantage, as well as offering assistance for U.S. active duty military traveling for leisure, such as discounts on base fares and free checked baggage. 

Additionally, JetBlue supports its active military and veteran crewmembers through its ‘Vets in Blue’ crewmember resource group and annual veteran hiring event.

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