Northern Trust Introduces Electric Cars to India Locations

Aug 7, 2018 9:10 AM ET

As a service to its employees, Northern Trust provides all staff in India with round trip transportation between home and work. In 2016, out of concern for the emissions produced by the vehicles used in this service, Northern Trust changed its service provider to one offering cleaner, more efficient vehicles and a dedicated fleet. Real-time monitoring and automated routing have led to a reduction in the number of miles traveled, resulting in a 7 percent savings in carbon emissions compared with 2015. To further reduce our carbon footprint, our India team leased a fleet of electric vehicles to provide employees a low-carbon, quiet, clean and comfortable transport service.

As part of the initiative, ten new electric cars rolled off the production line to our Bangalore and Pune locations during 2017 and another ten are planned for 2018. Fast-charging points have been installed to ensure consistent and reliable service. The new electric cars will save 680 metric tons of carbon dioxide over three years, equivalent to 1.6 million car miles (2.6 million kilometers). Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, this initiative is an important step towards Northern Trust meeting its overall carbon target.

Benefits to Northern Trust India’s conversion to electric cars

Community Safety: Cleaner air, Quieter vehicles, Less congestion

Safety: Vetted drivers, GPS tracking of vehicles, Smarter vehicles

Environmental: Reduction in footprint, Obviation of diesel use, Less pollution

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