Nielsen Is Redefining Value

The global measurement leader’s second Global Responsibility Report is aligned with GRI Standards; also highlights SASB, TCFD
Jun 4, 2018 3:00 PM ET

The global measurement leader’s second Global Responsibility Report is aligned with GRI Standards; also highlights SASB, TCFD

Nielsen is a leading global provider of information and insights about consumers and markets worldwide, fusing science and data so that its clients—manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods, media companies and advertising agencies—can understand what’s happening today, what will happen tomorrow and how to act on this knowledge to efficiently deliver results that matter. Through this report, Nielsen directly links the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations to its critical business issues, ensuring that this alignment inspires continuous improvement and positive change over the long-term.

Nielsen recognizes the importance of external reporting, both to provide transparency for all stakeholders, and as an opportunity to incorporate meaningful feedback into its strategic planning. In response to stakeholder feedback, Nielsen has incorporated indicators across a variety of external ESG standards-setting, rating and reporting entities, including GRI, SASB, CDP and TCFD.

In this second Global Responsibility Report, Nielsen emphasizes its broad view of how it creates value within and beyond its organization by carrying out its mission to provide measurement services that will ultimately enable greater efficiency and improvement in the marketplace. Through this report, Nielsen highlights how it creates value across areas such as:           

  • Ensuring transparency and stability in the global marketplace by providing a reliable, independent source of truth;
  • Protecting the privacy, security, and integrity of its data in order to provide currency-quality information on which its clients can measure and improve their performance;
  • Providing a more complete understanding of the power of all consumers, with a focus on multicultural and diverse communities;
  • Helping its employees to grow their careers through ongoing training and education, as well as skill and leadership development opportunities;
  • Strengthening its strategic approach to dealing with the effects of climate change, including the implementation of operational efficiencies to continuously reduce its overall carbon footprint; and
  • Creating shared value opportunities for impact by sharing its data and insights with nonprofits.

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Media Contact:
Julia Wilson
Director, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, Nielsen

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