New Research: Employee Donor Attitudes About Workplace Giving and Volunteering

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Oct 17, 2017 12:40 PM ET

American employees are changing — and so are their attitudes about workplace giving and volunteering.

Today’s workers are more transient, diverse, and tech savvy than their predecessors. They are also working in an era of greater uncertainty, as entire industries are being transformed by technology and globalization. Against this backdrop, America’s Charities has conducted a new survey of U.S. workers that gauges attitudes toward giving and volunteering in the workplace.

The findings of Snapshot 2017: What U.S. Employees Think About Workplace Giving, Volunteering, and CSR provide fresh insights that will help employers structure more successful employee giving and volunteering programs, and nonprofits cultivate better donor relationships, in a way that thoughtfully engages employee donors and achieves the greatest possible impact.


What types of giving methods and opportunities are employees specifically interested in, and what inspires them to actually participate? Join America's Charities and the researchers behind Snapshot 2017 on October 24th to gain rich insights into employee donor motivations — insights that are incredibly valuable to companies who are looking to attract and retain talent, build a strong culture, and achieve greater social impact.

Snapshot 2017 is the latest in a series of original Snapshot research reports by America’s Charities that track, analyze, and reflect on the changing nature of workplace-centered philanthropy and employee engagement.

This webinar is free and open to anyone. Half of the webinar will be set aside to take questions from the audience. 

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