New Poll Shows Americans Actually Can Agree on Something: Trees

The poll results come just before the Arbor Day national holiday on April 28
Apr 19, 2023 7:00 AM ET
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LINCOLN, Neb., April 19, 2023 /3BL Media/ - A new national survey found that trees are something nearly all Americans can agree on. The survey, commissioned by the Arbor Day Foundation, found that 94% of Americans say trees are good for the planet.

“We expected people would feel positively about trees, but these results showcase so much more than that. This poll tells us that during this incredibly divisive time in our nation, trees can be something that unifies us all as Americans and that’s a reason to celebrate,” said Dan Lambe, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. “We’re gratified to know that Americans from all backgrounds see trees as we do: a solution to the world’s most pressing problems.”

The survey was conducted by The Harris Poll, a nationally recognized market research organization on behalf of the Arbor Day Foundation among over 2,000 U.S. adults. U.S. adults were asked several questions about their attitudes toward trees and forests.

One of the survey’s key findings revealed nearly 9 in 10 Americans (88%) believe now is a critical time to be replanting our nation’s forests. The Arbor Day Foundation is already acting on this message of urgency as it works to help plant 500 million trees by the summer of 2027. The ambitious goal recognizes the need to accelerate tree planting with greater scale and focus.

Americans also believe that trees mitigate the effects of a warming climate. According to the survey’s results, 91% of U.S. adults agree trees help fight climate change. This response aligns with the perspective of scientists who have long pointed to trees as a cost-effective way to address threats facing the environment.

The results of the survey were released ahead of the Arbor Day national holiday on April 28. 57% of Americans say they’ve celebrated the “tree planter’s holiday” in the past.

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