A New Game Plan for the Future of Electricity

Southern California Edison lays out a road map for a 21st century power system.
Jul 6, 2015 2:30 PM ET

Edison's Online Newsroom

In 1998, Southern California Edison (SCE) received two applications to connect solar panels atop homes to the electric system. Last year, nearly 34,000 applications were submitted and interest is on a pace this year to exceed 45,000.

Plug-in electric carsbattery storage and other devices also are proliferating. They allow consumers to have alternatives for their energy use by controlling everything from the thermostat to the lights or by adopting new energy-efficient technologies.

While convenient for many consumers, all of these changes create challenges for a power system that was cutting edge when it was designed in the19th century. SCE recently filed a proposal with the California Public Utilities Commission describing its vision of the power network of the future and the changes necessary to transform the current grid to more readily meet these needs.

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