Nestlé’s Parent Support Spotlight on Allison: Finding a Place that Values Families

Aug 28, 2017 9:45 AM ET

by Allison, Corporate and Brand Affairs Manager at Nestlé USA

My family and I live in Cleveland — my son Grant is now six months old. When I was first considering Nestlé, I knew that the company was family-friendly and that was top-of-mind for me. It was a priority for me to find a place that valued families and valued their employees. When I learned that the parental support policy offered up to six months of leave, I thought ‘I can’t take off that much time!’ But as I was in the thick of it, I was extremely grateful for the extra time. When Grant was 12 weeks old, I was still figuring out so much about parenthood — if I had returned to work at that time, the extra stress (and lack of sleep!) would have made it a challenge. After taking the full six months of leave, I don’t regret anything or ‘wish I had more time’ — I’m at peace with the incredible time we spent together. That time helped set up Grant for an easy transition to child care, and it set me up to do everything I could to help him grow and thrive.

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