NativeEnergy Newsletter: "Green" your sweet tooth

NativeEnergy Newsletter: "Green" your sweet tooth

May 2012

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You can harvest sugar, and likely cut carbon emissions, even if you live in a cold climate.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 1:30pm

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Green sweeteners: 4 tips for your sweet tooth

Where does the sugar in your morning coffee come from? Imagine if it grew in your own backyard.

That’s right: you can harvest sugar, and likely cut carbon emissions, even if you live in a cold climate. But that’s not all. Here are four ways to “green” your sweetener, from the unusual to the common sensible.

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Climate change and the risk of rising seas

How do you picture climate change? Aside from the warming part, another problem lies in the future: rising sea levels, which means a higher risk of damaging floods in coastal communities.

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Unshopping: where thrift and neighbors come together

An older guy I work with occasionally puzzles over why there are so many storage facilities, and when they became necessary. As far as he can recall—and he’s not so old his memory has totally failed him—storage lockers didn’t exist when he was younger. What happened?

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Sierra Club Outings: Environmentally minded adventure travel

Do you love to travel but worry about the environmental effects of tourism? Do you want to give back to the communities that you visit?

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Trash to Energy: NativeEnergy project fires bricks with landfill gas

Last fall, we visited Oklahoma to celebrate the opening of the Wewoka Biogas Project. This project uses gas from a landfill to fire bricks at a local business next door. It is expected to reduce 30,000 tons of greenhouse gas pollution each year.

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NativeEnergy customers offset 77,000 hours of computer use

Thanks to everyone who took our website survey. We offset 30 pounds of carbon emissions for each complete response, and we gained valuable insight too. Over the next few months, we'll be making updates to our website to better serve your needs. Stay tuned!



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