National Grid Re-invests Energy for Veterans

Aug 26, 2015 4:00 PM ET

On this stop in our Connect21 video series, tour Northport VA Medical Center with its Chief Engineer & Acting Associate Director, Ron Brattain, and National Grid New York President, Ken Daly.

Since converting from oil to natural gas, the Long Island hospital has reaped $2.5 million in energy savings and realized 1.5 million gallons of oil displaced. But the biggest benefit? More money to invest in healthcare services for returning veterans.

Our video series started with an overview of Connect21 and includes footage of the important infrastructure projects we are working on in each of our jurisdictions. Visit here to watch any you’ve missed. Here are a few more projects you can look forward to learning about:

- Clarkson University’s micro grid project in Upstate New York
- New England Energy Strategy
- Interstate Reliability Project – NEEWS

We’ll feature a new video around every three weeks, so be sure to check back often. We hope you’ll give us your feedback in the comments section below as you take the series’ tour. The future of energy belongs to all of us, and we want to hear your voice.

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