Multipliers of Prosperity: Lending With a Mission

May 29, 2018 11:05 AM ET
Image courtesy of WSJ. Custom Studios.

Originally published on the Multipliers of Prosperity website

Mohammed Ali and his siblings had been driving past the vacant gas station on the east side of Saint Paul, Minnesota for years before they finally decided to make an offer to buy it—with the idea of opening a restaurant and grocery store catering to the neighborhood’s vibrant community of immigrants.

“As a Somali in an East African community [in Saint Paul], I felt for the many families here that are new to America. The closest grocery store is a couple of miles away, and it can be hard for some of them to walk there or take the bus,” Mohammed says. “Opening this business in this location was very significant to us—not only as a resource for the East African community, but for the whole east side of Saint Paul.”

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