Multiculturalism, Literacy, and Productivity

Margaret Eaton, President, ABC Literacy Foundation
Nov 25, 2010 10:15 AM ET
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Plenary Session 4
Multiculturalism, Literacy, and Productivity

Margaret Eaton,
President, ABC Literacy Foundation

Low literacy skills cost Canadian organizations in lost productivity. Canada’s long-term economic success relies on higher levels of literacy and essential skills. Numeracy, comprehension, communications, problem-solving, and technology know-how are universal skills that many workers continue to struggle with.

Language is one of the most obvious obstacles for the integration of new immigrants into the workplace. There is also, however, a need for improved literacy levels for those workers who are Canadian-born.

Hear from Margaret Eaton, President of ABC Canada Literacy Foundation, as she outlines the five problem signs of workplace literacy, underscores the link between literacy levels and the country’s economy, and highlights the steps to prepare your workforce for competition on the world stage.

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