Much More Than a New Website

Team Consulting with America Needs You and Fidelity Investments
Dec 6, 2021 10:30 AM ET
Group video call

Team Consulting with America Needs You and Fidelity Investments | Common Impact

This is the final installment in a series of blog posts tracking a Common Impact long-term skills-based volunteering project with America Needs You and Fidelity Investments to upgrade the nonprofit’s website. Catch up on the project progress by reading the first and second posts in the series.

The Final Product

At the end of their four-month team consulting project, the team of Fidelity Investments skills-based volunteers and their partners at America Needs You (ANY) presented their work to key stakeholders from both organizations, including managers and leadership. They delivered a fully revamped, tested, and mobile-friendly site with updated navigation to reflect the new persona-based structure that carved different paths for students, campus partners, and employers.

Over the course of the refresh, Fidelity volunteers updated or created nearly 100 news, event, and content pages; removed outdated ones; and built profiles for all staff and board members nationwide. ANY’s new site has advanced features like “mega menu” navigation and page filtering for users to more easily access relevant materials and embedded social media feeds and sharing buttons to increase opportunities to share ANY’s services, resources, and events. It also leverages WordPress plugins for easier self-administration, SEO best practices, and high-quality, editable images. Essential for the ANY web team’s continued success, the Fidelity volunteers created a custom 66-page WordPress user guide so current and future administrators would have a centralized knowledge hub for edits and maintenance.

A Two-Way Transformation

For the Fidelity skills-based volunteers, the collaboration went far beyond updating a website – it was a catalyst for significant professional and personal growth as well. In a post-project survey, 100% of respondents said the experience was a useful professional development opportunity that enhanced skills directly applicable to their work, including project management, client relations, and presenting...

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